Advanced Learning Week

Taught by Rabbinic Pastor Shulamit Fagan
The Campus of Westchester University
June 28-July 5
(Closed class)

This is a condensed survey class in Pastoral Counseling especially for members of the Haspa’ah program who are not in another of our programs and only require one semester.  There will be considerable reading and preparation of reports prior to the first class, Beit Midrash work, and one or two Zoom classes after Smicha week to present a final paper.

Topics covered will include:
• Communications skills that heal
• Use of songs, stories and psalms
• Trauma in our communities
• Dealing with mental illness
• The cancer patient
• Interfaith and Intrafaith issues
• Death and Dying
• Addictions
• Avoiding burnout
• Boundaries, transference, countertransference, triangulation, etc.
• Congregational situations
A final paper on your perspective of pastoral counseling will be due after Smicha Week.

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