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Haviva & Herschel

Havana & Herschel

I’ve thought for some time now that having a blog might be an interesting idea. I like to write, perhaps partly because I live alone. The cats are a good audience but they get tired of hearing the same jokes over and over.

And then I began to contemplate the whole subject. So many questions arose for me.

Isn’t this quite self centered?

Why would anyone want to read my random thoughts?

I don’t write in full sentences or with great grammar. Will you judge me? Will you know when my tongue is in my cheek?

And who will you be, the readers of this blog?

Not knowing the answers to any of those questions (with the possible exception of the self-centered part) I have decided to forge ahead anyway.

I have a few stories to share, a drash or two you might enjoy and then those pesky random thoughts. If you find something that makes you smile or laugh, a heart-opening phrase, a message that helps you in any way, I’ll be delighted.